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Today, I write for me and not for money
Today, I write to be free and not funny
But if you laugh, that’s ok
And if want, you can still pay
I don’t mind if you find these lines behind
Lacking in some way or in some wit
This is what I’ve written
Sorry if you can’t handle it

White boy in the ghetto
Losing a game he never played
White boy on State Street
Pretending he’s not afraid
White boy in the suburbs
Cries over what he saw
White boy on Second Street
With a heart rubbed raw

Today, I write for the city and not for me
Today, I write for children who are not free
And if they were free, they wouldn’t know
What to do, who to be, where to go
You would find that behind the anger
In their collective mind
A soul lacking in many ways but not wit
Humor was all they had
To help them handle it

White boy in the suburbs
A year since he quit the game
White boy on Prairie Street
Worried that when they fail
He will receive all the blame
White boy left the ghetto
Moved on from the pain and fear
White boy on Second Street
Has anxiety even after a year

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